So your website isn't working.

Or maybe it's gorgeous and looks amazing - but it isn't really WORKING. You aren't getting the traffic you want, and even more - when the traffic comes, they aren't inquiring or contacting you to hire you. What good are amazing photos and links that work perfectly when no one is visiting your site to begin with?


I totally feel you, and remember when people would visit my site and then... crickets.

What the heck, right?  

Having a website that attracts your ideal client is a lot like dating. You need to have the right things in place to attract those amazing clients, and a message that will speak to them, and help them to KNOW you are the right photographer for them!  

So what does that mean? SO MANY THINGS.  

I have tried explaining this in one article, but the fact is there is just so much to consider.  

Enter: a brand new resource to help you tweak and spiff up your website to be WORKING for you.

A step by step system to spiff up your website, attract your dream clients, and never feel website shame again!

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